Gallery 6 Wild Side - 6B

Professional pet photography, wildlife photography, and images of animals commonly found on farms and ranches.

NOTE: Gallery 6B is still under construction. Images are avialble for viewing, but currently lack description.
  Note: Actual prints do not have the watermark that runs across the front of the image online.

Captivated Feline 6-1

Ever Watchful 6-2

Dandy Gander 6-3

Loving It! 6-4

Someday My Prince Will Come 6-5

Night Stalker 6-6


Peeking at Me 6-7

Moments Like These 6-8

Three Amigos (texture) 6-9

Three Amigos 6-10

Regal Companion 6-11

Midnight Serenade 6-12

The Pretense 6-13


Spots and Stripes 6-14

Le Regard 6-15

Looking Out the Window 6-16

Seattle WA photographer Lori S. Anton.

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